Research and Consulting Experience

I am currently working on a range of collaborative and individual research projects on topics including: the relationship between different types of networks and innovation in organizations, the role of leadership within a coalition of health organizations, partnerships between NGOs, and the use of scenario planning as a method for analyzing organizational change and foresight. I specialize in both quantitative and qualitative methods such as social network analysis, content analysis, survey design and analysis, interviews, and focus groups.


My areas of research include:

Social Networks, Collaboration, and Innovation

  • I am working on various projects that examine how networks within and between journalism organizations influence innovation, creativity, culture and performance indicators.

Communications Technologies, Strategic Communication, and Organizational Change

  • Some of my work examines how communications technologies, such as mobile phones and Enterprise Social Media, influence organizational practices and organizational change processes.

Making Sense of the Future, and Scenario Planning

  • Some research focuses on how people in organizations make sense of time in relation to organizing; for example, how people view short- and long-term perspectives on technological change, and how scenario planning techniques can foster new theoretical and methodological practices for examining the role of temporality in organizations.

 Media Organizations

  • Much of my research focuses on media organizations, specifically public media organizations in the U.S. I plan to compare U.S., European, and possibly other public media systems in the future. I also have experience studying and working with nonprofit organizations.

Sample Consulting Experience

In addition to academic research, I have had the opportunity to do some applied research and organizational development consulting work. A sample of my work includes the following projects:

National Association for Women Business Owners Los Angeles & KH Consulting, 2010-2011

  • Supported a coalition of 8 non-profit and civic organizations with the design and statistical analysis of a survey distributed to business owners in Los Angeles County
  • Applied survey results from 900 business owners to make recommendations to L.A. City and County about improving the small business environment
  • Based on survey results, L.A. Mayor Villaraigosa created the Business Inclusion Program to increase participation in contracting opportunities for women, minority and veteran small business owners, and to improve City accountability

Initiative for a Competitive Inner City & Los Angeles Southwest College, 2011

  • Assisted with survey design, and conducted statistical analysis of survey data on 502 business owners in low-income neighborhoods in Los Angeles
  • Identified educational needs and assessed gaps in local services for business owners

Los Angeles Trade Technical College & KH Consulting, 2011

  • Led focus groups and assisted with scenario planning exercises with 200 staff members to assist in the development of the college’s strategic plan

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