Teaching Experience

Cal Poly Pomona, 2014-2017

As a faculty member at Cal Poly Pomona, in addition to conducting research, I designed and instructed 6-8 classes per year. This included:

  • Developing over 150 live sessions that blended lecture with hand-on activities
  • Creating exams and practical assignments that aimed to show students how communication theory applies to real-world examples as well as students’ own experiences
  • Designing group projects that addressed course material and fostered learning about effective team communication
  • Offering timely feedback to 70-150 students per quarter
  • Meeting one-on-one with students to support their learning journeys

Instructor of Record

Advanced Organizational Communication (upper division class)

  • I combined theory and practice-based literature to teach classes of 25-30 Organizational Communication majors

Organizational Communication (upper division class; General Education and Honors sections)

  • I taught a 48-person course focusing on survey of Organizational Communication theory.
  • As a general education class, I taught students from many different departments and majors.

Negotiation and Conflict Resolution (upper division class)

  • I taught a 48-person course that provided an overview of the role of communication in conflict management, and practical strategies for negotiating in a range of settings

Introduction to Communication Theory (lower division class)

  • I taught a 48-person course that provided an overview of Communication theory and emphasized the connections between scientific research and students’ daily lives

Capstone Project Advisor for Kellogg Honors College students

  • Advised two students on projects in which they collected and analyzed data, wrote research papers, and presented posters at a university conference

USC, 2008-2014

Instructor of Record

Public Speaking, Spring 2014

  • Taught principles and practice of public speaking, research, and persuasion to undergraduates

Communication Research Practicum, Spring 2011, Spring 2012

  • Acted as thesis advisor to Annenberg Communication Management masters students
  • Advised on research design, and quantitative and qualitative methods

Uses of Communication Research, Fall 2010, Fall 2011

  • Acted as thesis advisor to Annenberg Communication Management masters students
  • Advised on project development including research methods, field work, literature review design, and writing skills

Instructor/Facilitator, USC

USC Marshall School of Business Experiential Learning Center, Spring 2010-Fall 2012

  • Taught experiential learning classes for undergraduates, MBA students, and management professionals at the USC Marshall School of Business
  • Classes emphasized applied communication simulations and game-like scenarios that mirrored real-world business situations, and debriefs that drew upon lessons stemming from the exercise, academic research, and students’ life experiences
  • Class topics include organizational communication, communication networks, persuasion, diversity, business ethics, and leadership

Guest Lecturer, USC

Survey of Organizational Communication, Spring 2014; Supervisor: Dr. Janel Schuh

  • Developed and taught lecture to undergraduate students on innovation and organizational change in media industries

Qualitative Research Methods, Fall 2013; Supervisor: Dr. Patricia Riley

  • Developed and taught lecture for doctoral students on content analysis and discourse analysis methods for interview and focus group data

Teaching Assistant, USC

Communication and Social Science, Spring 2010; Supervisor: Dr. Ken Sereno

  • Led two weekly discussion sections and assisted with grading for large lecture course on communication theory

Development of the American Media Industry, Fall 2008; Supervisor: James Loper

  • Assisted with course on the history of U.S. media industries, overseeing online materials, updating the course website and facilitating speaker engagements

Teaching Interests

  • Communication and Non-Profit Organizations
  • Communication Networks and Innovation
  • Communication Theory
  • Global Strategic Management
  • Organizational Change and Communications Technologies
  • Organizational Communication Theory
  • Organizational Culture
  • Public Speaking
  • Research Methods (Quantitative and Qualitative Research Methods)
  • Social Media Use in Organizations
  • Social Network Analysis
  • Strategic Communication

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